No leaks detected from train derailment near Lytton
Published: July 2, 2008
Source: Vancouver Sun

Canadian Pacific Railway says it has detected no leaks from a derailment of four glycol-carrying tanker cars about 10 kilometres north of Lytton.

Mike LoVecchio, Canadian Pacific spokesman, said divers were being sent into the Thompson River later today to inspect two of the tanker cars partly submerged in the river.

LoVecchio said the west-bound CP freight train was struck by a mudslide in the Fraser Canyon at about 6:55 p.m. Tuesday.

No one was injured in the mudslide that knocked the four cars from the Canadian National track, that was being used by Canadian Pacific.

Two cars were in the river, one on the river embankment, and another was knocked off the tracks, but remained positioned over the rails.

Glycol is used to produce windshield wiper fluid and antifreeze.

LoVecchio said the tank cars are double-hulled. He was unable to estimate how long the busy track would remain closed.

Canadian National Railways and CP were moving as much traffic as possible on the Canadian Pacific rail line through the Fraser Canyon.