Workers of GO Transit in Toronto join Teamsters Union
Published: January 9th 2009
Source: Teamsters Canada

The employees of Bombardier Transportation Canada Ltd (Go Transit) of Toronto have chosen to join the Teamsters Canadian Rail Conference (TCRC) in a union certification vote ordered by the Ontario Labour Relations Board (OLRB).

A large majority (87 %) of the employees voted in favor of the Teamsters Union.

“We are very pleased about the choice of the employees at Bombardier,” said Daniel J. Shewchuk, President of the Teamsters Canadian Rail Conference. “Strength lies in unity. And together we can translate that strength into action that is concrete and useful for workers.”

The TCRC has more than 12,000 members who are working in different trades in the rail industry, such as locomotive engineers, trainmen, rail traffic controllers, etc. In fact, the Teamsters Union is the most influential union organization in this sector in Canada.

“Since its foundation, the growth of the Rail Conference has been phenomenal,” said Robert Bouvier, President of Teamsters Canada. Workers who are employed in the Canadian rail industry know that they can rely on the Teamsters’ expertise and strength of numbers. This makes it possible to negotiate work contracts that reflect their needs.”

The Teamsters Union has more than 125,000 members in Canada, 1.4 million throughout North America.