Thief steals CSX locomotive from siding
Published: February 24th 2009
Source: CBS

HOMESTEAD, Fla. -- You lock a car, but you donít lock a locomotive. After all, where can you take it? Sounds logical, but logic didnít stop a thief from stealing a CSX Locomotive sometime after 11:30 Sunday night and taking it for a noisy joy ride, in Miamiís version of the Great Train Robbery.

The diesel locomotive, number 2617, was parked on a CSX siding in the Kendall area, awaiting an assignment, when it came up missing. It was there Sunday night, but missing when the railroad went working for it Monday.

Weighing in at more than 120 tons, locked on a track which took it to Miami to Homestead, all the railroad had to do was follow the steel ribbon until they found it.

They did, about 7 miles to the south in Homestead. Miami-Dade police surrounded the out of place locomotive and looked for clues about who took it for a spin, but the driver was long gone.

CSX Transportation spokesperson Gary Sease said it appears the locomotive was taken by an Ďunauthorized individualí, but as most people donít have experience starting and driving one of the behemoths, investigators believe their thief is someone with more than with a passing fancy for trains.

One police officer who spoke about the theft said it was the first time in 20 years as a cop that heíd seen a stolen locomotive.

Even though the locomotive was driven without the approval of the CSX train tracking system, there was no traffic on the line at the time and luckily, no collision.