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LTD ballots are in the mail
Published: May 12, 2008
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It has come to our attention that the TCRC Long Term Disability Trustees have sent information packages, including ballots, to all Conductors, Trainmen & Yardmen at Canadian Pacific Railway. The purpose of the mailed package is to solicit your inclusion in the LTD plan under the same terms and conditions as the Locomotive Engineers LTD plan.

We encourage all affected 295 members to vote on this important issue. Your ballot must be marked either Not In Favour of this Proposal or In Favour of this Proposal.

ü  A vote “In Favour” means you are voting to become a member of the TCRC LTD Plan.
ü  A vote “Not In Favour” means you are voting to decline joining the TCRC LTD Plan.   

The current LTD plan cost is not a stipulated amount; members must pay a percentage of their income in order to finance the plan. The current LTD Plan percentage is 1.5% of your earnings.

The votes will be tabulated Thunder Bay and West and East of Thunder Bay separately and will be based on the majority of the ballots received by each General Committee. If one General Committee votes in favour of the proposal and the other General Committee votes to decline the offer, then only one General Committee will join the LTD plan.

Please note that in order for your vote to be counted the ballot must be returned and received by 12:00 noon on Monday June 16th 2008. Ballots arriving after that time will not be counted.


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