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Railroad workers have been fighting fatigue in the rail industry for decades but the problem persists.
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295 Meetings
The next meeting of Division 295 will be held on July 11th at 19:00.

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National Negotiations Bulletin #8
We met with the Company Bargaining Committee and Federal Conciliator Paul Macdonell in Calgary from August 13 to 17th. This represents the 12th bargaining session and 54 days of face to face meeting.

National Negotiations Bulletin #7
We are seeking a significant strike mandate in order to demonstrate that the Union Membership is fully supportive of their Bargaining Committee and is very serious about obtaining the improvements to the Collective Agreement.

Presidential Authority to conduct a strike vote and withdrawal of services
It is extremely unfortunate that during your negotiations, CP Rail has taken a position that may force us to invoke economic sanctions to preserve the integrity of our Collective Agreements.

National Negotiations Bulletin #6
July 25th - Next week your Bargaining Committee will be mailing strike vote ballots to each member in good standing at CP.

Negotiations Bulletin No. 5
Today, June 19th we met with the Company briefly, and subsequently we have applied to the Minister under the terms of the Labour Code, requesting assistance as the parties are at an impasse.

National Negotiations Bulletin #4
Your Bargaining Committee has held two negotiations sessions with the Company since our last Bulletin.

RTC's accepting rest notice
At our last round of negotiation, the matter of the 10 hours rest rule violations was raised and addressed.

TCRC response to CPR estoppel
Letters dated January 29th 2007

National Negotiating Bulletin #3
The Company continues to seek extreme alterations to the present Collective Agreement that directly clash with the focus and direction in which the Union Membership has instructed us to go.

National Negotiating Bulletin #2

Your TCRC Negotiating Committee met with CP Rail for five days during the week of October 16th to the 20th. So far, we have met with them for a total of 9 days.

National Negotiating Bulletin #1
Your negotiating committee met with CP Rail for four days during the week of October 2nd to the 6th.

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