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Published: September 12th 2010
By Gordon Kent and Andrea Sands, Edmonton Journal
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Five CN Rail tanker cars carrying propane and butane derailed Saturday near Red Deer, forcing several rural families to flee their homes.

The incident happened around 8:30 a.m. about five kilometres north of Red Deer in Lacombe County, said CN spokeswoman Kelli Svendsen.

Four of the train cars contained propane and one held butane, she said.

"The propane car was expelling fumes so, as a precautionary measure, local emergency responders evacuated three families on acreages that were in proximity," said Svendsen.

"There were no injuries." Two of the train cars were upright

and three were on their sides. CN staff, Mounties, emergency medical personnel, Alberta Environment officials and Lacombe County staff were on the scene, said RCMP Sgt. Tim Taniguchi.

"There is an evacuation in a one-mile radius around the train derailment. There's only a handful of families involved at this point," he said late Saturday morning.

Shawna Villeneuve, who manages a campground in the nearby residential and industrial community of Burbank, said the incident occurred near highways 2A and 597.

Highway 597 east of Highway 2A, which leads to the huge Joffre ethylene and polyethylene plant, was closed to traffic, she said.

"I'm very nervous . . . I don't know how extreme it is," said Villeneuve.

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