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Published: April 9th 2013


Guarantee Claims to be Auto-Approved Through Honour System  

March 27th , 2013
CMC 047-13

All T&E Employees - Canada

Subject: Spareboard Guarantee Claims to be Auto-Approved Through Honour System

Please be advised that effective April 5, 2013, the following Spare board Guarantee Claims will be auto-approved in CMA for the amount that is submitted. This includes claims for previous dates that are submitted on April 5, 2013 or later. There will no longer be Guarantee Clerks available to calculate and approve these claims.

Claim Code


Claim Type


Spare board Guarantee  Non-protected BK

$ Amount


Spare board Guarantee  Protected BK

Miles only


Spare board Guarantee  Yard Spare board

$ Amount

Eligible employees must calculate and enter the correct amount payable prior to submitting.
(ie. If a claim is submitted for $0.01, then that is the amount that will be processed by CMA for payment). A request to “adjust” in the claim remarks will not be seen nor acted upon.
Claims submitted must have the calculations detailed in the remarks section on the secondary screen as well as any other detail required to support eligibility for the amount claimed.

Employees are advised to:

  • Review applicable collective agreement provisions and MOS regarding eligibility, penalties and entitlement.
    o TCRC CTY East and West Article 73
    o MOS – December 5, 2007 - Page 17-19

  • Review the new SBG - Claim Submission Process Guide and applicable “How To” guides for your area. These job aides are located on Rail-City through the “Crew Management Centre” link, or by clicking here: Spareboard Guarantee Resources.

  • Be familiar with the Bi-weekly Guarantee Period schedule (applicable to spare board guarantees only) and due dates for claim entry to be included in your deposit.

  • Utilize the applicable “How To” job aides designed to assist with determining eligibility and calculation of entitlement.
    • Use the correct Guarantee “Rates and Calculation Worksheet”.

  • Check again in Screen 12 in CMA after the claim is entered to ensure the amount is what you intended to submit.

  • Ensure guarantee claims are adjusted to reflect any changes or additions to working or non-working tickets that were made after the guarantee was claimed. This is the employee’s responsibility.

Remember, these claims will now be auto-approved and employees submitting them are accountable for the amount entered. As with all claims submitted under the Honour System, these claims will be subject to audit. If employees have submitted a guarantee claim for which they are not entitled due to penalties, or have claimed an amount greater than which they are entitled, appropriate investigative and corrective action will be taken.

Kent S. Cook
Manager Audit – CMC



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