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CN train derails in Quebec, causing propane leak
Published: January 2nd 2008
Source: The Canadian Press
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VILLEROY, Que. -- Train traffic is snarled in central Quebec until at least Friday after part of a CN Rail freight train left the tracks late Wednesday.

A CN Rail spokeswoman said Thursday that crews are working to get the derailed train back on the tracks while trying to determine what caused the accident near a rural Quebec village.

The derailment is also causing problems for Via Rail passengers heading towards Quebec City and the Maritimes.

Via said in a news release Thursday it has suspended its Montreal-Quebec City and Montreal-Halifax trains due to the derailment.

While it expects to resume regular service by Friday, Via Rail said it is arranging alternate transport for passengers.

CN expects to have the line up and running by then.

"It could be early Friday morning or it could be closer to the noon hour," CN spokeswoman Julie Senecal said.

"But the line will be opened by Friday."

The derailment occurred about 11:30 p.m. on Wednesday in Villeroy, a small town southeast of Trois Rivieres.

CN Rail was investigating what caused 33 of the freight cars to derail.

The derailment forced about 70 people to evacuate their homes after one of the cars ruptured a propane reservoir not far from the tracks. The leak has been capped and most residents have returned to their homes.

The 115-car freight train originated in Toronto and was bound for Moncton, Senecal said. Crews were working quickly to put everything back in order, she added.

"We've repaired certain trains to put them back on the tracks and we are repairing the line also."

Of the 33 cars, 20 were carrying soy, Senecal said. Quebec provincial police say there were no injuries.


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