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Published: January 13th 2010
Source: Tim Beaver
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Sisters and Brothers,

As per the GCA By-Laws and in line with your wage increase, there will be 3% increase to the dues beginning January 1, 2010 (next pay period).

Last year saw a tremendous decrease in our membership. We averaged about 500 members in 2008 while the average in 2009 was only 350; a decrease of 150 members. There was also a dramatic increase in professional fees and other necessary expenses as we went to Arbitration four times. The money (approximately $40,000.00) was well spent as we were victorious three times which included the reinstatement of two dismissed members.

The last three years have seen unprecedented growth in real wages over inflation. The last time anything close to when wages exceeded inflation occurred in the few years following Justice Emmett Hallís national arbitration in 1973. Since that time, we have only had wage increases which have been, for the most part, equal to inflation.

As you know, we will begin bargaining in about 20 months. The Executive Board at, our last meeting, came to the conclusion and voted by unanimous decision to add a supplementary increase of $10.00 to the dues. This supplementary increase of $10.00 will be used mostly to establish a national negotiation fund. This fund will be used largely to fund the costs of such professionals as lawyers, benefits experts, actuarial services and the Vice Chairsí expenses. This extra money will give us the necessary tools to negotiate successfully during what I anticipate will be a tough bargaining environment.

This supplementary increase will be in effect until the next GCA convention or about 20 months. This will equal an increase of $200.00 over the next twenty months. After the corresponding tax deduction, the net effect will be reduced to about $120.00 or about 20 cents a day which is less than one cigarette or a stick of gum. There should be very short term pain for what I see as long term gain.

If there are any questions, I will be attending Division meetings beginning this spring. I will be delighted to answer any questions our Sisters and Brothers may have at that time.

Finally, below my signature is a chart which shows the 2010 dues deductions for each Division.


Tim Beaver

2010 monthly dues:



258 Montreal (Ottawa)


288 Mactier


295 Toronto


308 Sudbury


319 Chapleau


381 Smith Falls (Winchester)


528 London


562 Schreiber


658 Smith Falls (Belleville)


689 Montreal (Farnham)


529 Hamilton



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